About Us

Established in 1975, opened on the corner of Joan Ave. and Thomas Dr. with a small dirt parking lot. Ms Newby’s has become an iconic beach bar that is recognized world wide for its delicious drinks, the house favorite, and trade marked Hunch Punch and its world class staff.

Ms. Newby’s, located in Panama City Beach, Florida, has been in business for over 45 years.  Ms. Melva Newby welcomed all and wanted all to feel safe and happy. If you were one of the mean ones, she made it known and if you became a problem, she would walk you out of the door herself. Charlotte Newby and family have continued and expanded these traditions into the legacy it has become today in addition to our other locations, Newby’s Too/ Newby’s End Zone and Newby’s Brew and Booze House.

Over the years we have grown and added our patio bar, where it has hosted many well known bands from rock to country and our resident DJ and Best of Bay 2019 winner, Karaoke Mania host, DJ Night Al. Our upstairs bar, The Office, (Best of Bay Winner 2020) has hosted acoustic solo artist and DJ’s including another resident DJ and Best of Bay 2020 Winner, DJ Saint.

We have hosted many Bike Week (Thunder Beach) events that have become known as the “biggest parking lot party” on the beach, where thousands of bikes have lined up in and around our parking lot with top notch vendors ready to upgrade those bikes or ready to feed you.

Many locals know our bartenders by name and of course have their favorites who are experts in mixology and have made many of delicious drinks,  which is why our great customers have labeled us as the best bar on the beach.

Never a cover charge.

Its not just a bar…..It’s an adventure.

World Famous

Ms. Newbys

Team Newby